Latest Workshops in London:





I’ve facilitated creative workshops in healthcare situations from a hospice to a hospital, from counsellors to GPs and, in the general community, from the children to the elderly. These workshops, a series or a day retreat, are intended to boost confidence in ability and inspire people to develop their writing skills for those who write more seriously. In a more healthcare realyed setting I’ve also seen the benefits to people in the enjoyment of using the imagination many of them didn’t even realise they had. For others, using writing as a means to express feelings to do with the difficulties they are experiencing can be liberating and affirming.

Comments from my workshops:

Presentation excellent. The atmosphere that was created was very supportive.

Presented in a very relaxed way- consideration to each person’s need was accounted for.

Motivating and stimulating. 

It was really rewarding to be part of such a dynamic group, and to share in the wealth of talent and interesting writing that was produced.

A wonderful opportunity to be creative, expressive.

I would love to have the workshops again. I feel there is a need for this course to give people more confidence and help to understand words and their beauty.