“Suit the action to the word, the word to the action”

– William Shakespeare –


Cate Sweeney is a playwright, a published novelist and short story writer and has written newspaper and magazine features. Her first novel, Selfish Jean, was published by Macmillan and she is currently working on two others.

She is also a writer who helps others write. She knows writing can be satisfying, therapeutic and fun but can also be lonely and difficult, can sap confidence as well as build it, so while continuing to work on her own material, she runs workshops for aspiring writers.

Although her academic background is in science and medicine, she has always written, and added a postgraduate degree in playwriting to her professional qualifications.

She lives by the sea in the New Forest but makes frequent sorties to London to see what’s new in the theatre and has spent some time in southern France recently. Her latest short story, Fête, set in a village in the Languedoc, was published in The French Literary Review recently.

She is now working on a novel about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his artist wife Margaret. Mackintosh Rose is set in France and the UK, in the past and the present, where the hunt is on to find a missing painting with a little romance on the way.